Monday, May 5, 2008


I came out from aerobics session sweat and flat. Ammer is still playing basketball with his friend at kiddy’s court. I purposely don’t allow him to submerge in the pool lately and told him of possibility geting his ear infected again. He swallow my excuse naively. I am trying to get him off from water as much as possible now and not knowing until when... So does my friend and neighbors . We used to bring kids together so they can play freely in the playground and swimming pool while we’re drowning with yoga or doing our gediks aerobics .... Now we have to find excuses and be very tactful to persuade kids from not going to the pool, reason being the swimming pool nowadays is contaminated , not hygenically but obsencely.
They’re wearing a “too proper” swimsuit make us get annoyed! Few are dare with 2 pc b*k*n*
They’re conquering both adult’s pool as they came in large group.
They’re too cheerful and crowded that we get geli geleman with their body language and …( as we don’t understand a word )
They invade to kiddies pool too as they can show off their bodies while sitting in the shallow water, and chit chatting, laughing like no bodies business.
They’re there everyday includes lady's day -the day we’re using the club house facilities.
Our evening life is hijacked in our own compound!!!
This area is a lovely little spot. It’s not the prime residential but I enjoy living here. Mostly all necessities are actually situated quite a near distance and easy reach out from the town itself. Neighbors are superb. Of course we close one eye to hanky panky and tolerate lots to students. Obviously students come and go but they do have respect to others. Students too filling up our surau and cheering up and helping with our kenduri and function.

This group of ....yarghhhhh.....were irritating. Who are they? They're obviously not Malaysian.
I do not mean to look down at them but what credits do I awarded to them who go to work conquering the lift at time daddies is coming up from surau every night. The dressing, tak payah cakap lah....
Our night sleep now oftenly disturbed by ghostly giggles at the wee hours. It's very shameful to see homo-sapien in that kind of attitude in your neighborhood. We're raising growing up kids and we used to share life here harmoniously. Deep inside I pray for similar scenes to be what had happened last year, the nearby pubs and clubs was ambushed bu authorithies, then we saw their faces on tv prime news , chained out for illegal migration and ... There and then "they" dissappeared, and the new group is now breeding.....irritating!


mama numiyn said...

Sabar..sabar kakcik. Senyum sikit. Saya tak pernah dok kat high-rise ni, so tak tahu macamana life there.
Rumah saya link house. Depan rumah pun org2 bujang.. tapi jante (budak2 Perodua) & alhamdulillah pulak, takde bising bunyi motor atau radio..rezki jugak.
Pakat2 ngan community, boleh dakwah sket..teringat cerita cerekarama Fizz Fairuz..he..he

tulipurple said...

sis,perhaps u can ask the resident society to take appropriate action.
tak bley biaqkan mcm tu je,risau gak pk kan anak2 tu kan as well as our tranquility.hopefully,everything will be fine ASAP.

p/s:hehe...nnt ajaq kami gedik exercise tu ye.

cikMilah said...

MamaNumiyn & Tulip,masalah besar kami ialah "pekerja" ni tinggal di rumah / unit kepunyaan tokeh tempat depa kerja tu! Kalau spesis gini duduk menyewa memang dah ada cara nak keluarkan mereka. Pening...